• “Enlightenment with Quan Yin” Fine Art Giclee Prints

        “Enlightenment with Quan Yin” Art by Laura Lee Lizak, in connection with Quan Yin Original Art 11’’x 14″ on bristol board. Prismacolor pencil; oil and acrylic paint details.  Detail: This portrait of Quan Yin was created with over 950 hours of enlightenment energies running through Laura Lee Lizak’s hand.  Laura has been a full body channel of Quan Yin since […]

  • Quan Yin’s Ecstatic Enlightenment Chants

    Give the Gift of  “Enlightenment with Quan Yin” Quan Yin’s Album of Ecstatic Chants is a Treasure to Give and Receive. Written and Sung by QuanYin, Bodhisattva of Compassion As Channeled through Laura Lee Lizak’s Lilting Voice This album of chants is a powerful gift created by Quan Yin to enlighten all beings. Her benevolent […]