Quan Yin’s Ecstatic Enlightenment Chants

Give the Gift of 

“Enlightenment with Quan Yin”

Quan Yin’s Album of Ecstatic Chants is a Treasure to Give and Receive.

Written and Sung by QuanYin, Bodhisattva of Compassion
As Channeled through Laura Lee Lizak’s Lilting Voice

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This album of chants is a powerful gift
created by Quan Yin to enlighten all beings.

Her benevolent and powerful frequencies emanate through each note, igniting support and enlightenment in your body, in all beings, and in all experiences. As you sing these affirming statements, you accelerate your personal enlightenment, and extend enlightenment to all beings.

What people are saying about this album:

“This Cd was an incredible gift from a dear friend. Words fall short of it’s massive impact in my life. Listening for the first time, tears streamed down my face that escalated into a full catharsis experience with full body chills. These chants entered my consciousness & sometimes I even wake up singing them. Such a heartfelt, warm glow has filled my entire being, and continues to grow.  My husband has had a very similar experience, and we often sing these chants to each other. I am so incredibly grateful….”

“High vibrational frequencies resonating from the Heavens!”

“Ecstatic. Original. Intimate. Powerful. Wow.”

“I absolutely love this album. I listen everyday, at home, at work, morning and night. This is a tremendously uplifting gift to my life and to the world.”

“Thank you for this wonderfully pure contribution! It has healed my body, exalted my soul, and opened my heart.”

“I found it extremely calming while caring for my mother in Florida. It helped me ground the entire time.”

This album is arranged by Quan Yin as an ecstatic enlightenment experience. Each subsequent chant builds in frequency and support. Each ignites a different aspect of enlightenment. Singing through the entire album is most beneficial. For the most powerful benefits, intend that  “enlightenment is occurring in all beings at all times” while enjoying this album.

These chants were channeled by Laura on a series of hikes at Cathedral Rock in Sedona, Arizona USA.

This album is wonderful accompaniment to meditation, healing sessions, yoga, dance, ceremony and joyful connection!

Laura Lee Lizak is an internationally recognized channel of Quan Yin. Quan Yin has been transmitting through Laura since 1992, in full personality, voice, mudra, and movement, and is often seen in Laura’s body during channeling. Quan Yin powerfully transmits enlightenment to all beings, and facilitates mass enlightenment experiences. Laura is the founding Director of the Quan Yin Creation Center. Live global teleconferences are offered, as well as workshops, seminars, and travel experiences to create international support for the mass enlightenment at hand. Join our email list to receive information on our upcoming events. quanyincnter.org.

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