“Enlightenment with Quan Yin” Fine Art Giclee Prints



“Enlightenment with Quan Yin”
Art by Laura Lee Lizak, in connection with Quan Yin

Original Art 11’’x 14″ on bristol board.
Prismacolor pencil; oil and acrylic paint details. 


This portrait of Quan Yin was created with over 950 hours of enlightenment energies running through Laura Lee Lizak’s hand. 

  • Laura has been a full body channel of Quan Yin since 1992, and is the Founding Director of the QuanYin Creation Center.
  • This portrait was guided and ignited by Quan Yin throughout it’s creation.
  • Quan Yin’s eyes beam enlightened support to you as she portalizes enlightenment to you, all beings, and  the earth.
  • Quan Yin transmits through Laura in full embodiment of personality, voice, mudra, energy and movement, powerfully extending enlightenment; 
  • Quan Yin has enlightened thousands of people around the world through Laura’s body.
  • Quan Yin is often seen in Laura’s body during channeling. 
  • Laura has created children’s television and toys for Dreamworks, Disney, Mattel, etc. for over 30 years, with the mission of creating entertainment that is enlightening as well.


“This wonderful painting is filled with the love and enlightenment energy of Quan Yin. It is very special. It helps me feel an energy connection with QuanYin in my life and I love it. The fine detail is amazing. Thank you, Quan Yin and Laura for creating a painting that feels so full of love, joy, and enlightenment.”

“I am amazed at the enlightenment energies that are emanating from her soft radiant face, and compassionate powerful eyes. I didn’t know it was possible to have so much power come from a piece of art. My heart is melting and expanding.”

“I could sit with her for weeks on end. Her eyes have so much to tell me. I want to sleep with her in my arms.”

“I have been lending her to my friends who are having health challenges, and they and feeling more powerful and peaceful.

 Fine Art Giclee prints are currently available in these sizes and formats:

1. Archival Matte Paper, 11″ x 14″ image, plus one inch white border, ready to matte and frame.

2. Stretched Canvas, 11″ x 14″ image, plus gallery wrapping of image on all sides of 1.5″ wooden frame, ready for hanging.

3. Archival Matte paper,  8″ x 10″ image,  11″ x 14″  double matted, ready for 11″ x 14″ frame.

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"Enlightenment with QuanYin" Fine Art Giclee
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111" x 14" Archival matte paper giclee, includes standard shipping to mainland US$225.00
211" x 14" Gallery wrapped stretched canvas giclee, includes standard shipping to mainland US$300.00
38" x 10" Archival matte paper giclee, double matted, includes standard shipping to mainland US$100.00
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