Welcome to the QuanYin Creation Center Store

Quan Yin,  (also know as Kuan Yin, Kwan Yin and Kannon, and Bodhisattva of Compassion) invites you to join in conscious experience of mass enlightenment. Culminating December 21, 2012 our earth is experiencing unprecedented planetary awakening,  great acceleration in creation,  and enlightened support systems on a global scale. We are awakening into the dissolution of disease, trauma, karma, and disruptions; and the enlightenment of all beings in great support and excitement. This is the awakening of a Golden Age for our earth. You are very powerful and important in this Planetary transition. 

Quan Yin is channeled in full benevolent embodiment through Laura Lee Lizak, the Founding Director of the Quan Yin Creation Center. We offer channeled ignitions and classes with Quan Yin, live by phone or in person, and offer recordings of events online. During activations and classes with Quan Yin, you become an ecstatic, powerful conduit/transmitter of the new energies and energy bodies that are coming into our reality. During our global teleconferences, many ground these energies in unison all around the world. Together we physically ignite whatever new frequencies are needed in our enlightened support system, and extend them to all beings. It is empowering ecstatic fun, and powerful forces of Enlightenment and Creation move through all who participate. Join us forthese exciting experiences!   Please see quanyincenter.org for our exciting events.

Private channeled sessions with QuanYin are also available.  Seminars and travel adventures are periodically offered. QuanYin and the Benevolent Forces of Creation design and implement our work. The Quan Yin Creation Center is now located in Sedona, Arizona; land of magnificent red rock cliffs, powerful energy vortexes, and a wonderfully enlightening spiritual community. 

Here at the QuanYin Store we offer a selection of goodies to ecstatically ignite and accelerate your enlightenment. Enjoy!  QuanYin and the Benevolent Forces of Creation design our offerings.