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QuanYin Creation Center Audio Archives

Please enjoy these special event recordings as our gift to you.

Join Quan Yin live for a magnificently powerful planetary experience:
Powering Up the Planet in Enlightened Support
All Enlightenment Occurring~~All Transformation Occurring
QuanYin channeled live, in full embodiment, by Laura Lee Lizak

Thursday July 27, 2017
Listen to the recording free!

Quan Yin and Laura are guests on the
Ground Crew Command Radio Show
Recorded Wednesday, July 19, 2017
The Ground Crew Command Team 
are dedicated global gridworkers and are connected to COBRA's international network of Lightworkers, including numerous Asian countries and Dragon families. Quan Yin facilitates a powerful group enlightenment experience to support each other and the Earth. We are magnificently transformational together!


Free Live Global Enlightened Support Experience with Quan Yin
Thursday August 11, 2016

On "The Love Journey" Radio Show
Laura and Quan Yin join hosts Jeanine Ingram and James Gilmore

4:00 AM/PST   5:00 AM/MST     6:00 AM/CST    7:00 AM/EST
712 432-0900  code # 772719
OR BY BLOG TALK RADIO 602 753-1902
YOU CAN ALSO LISTEN ONLINE www.blogtalkradio.com/thelovejourney2

Join Quan Yin and Laura live with for a magnificent group enlightened support experience with over 450 people, creating a powerful support system to transform and co-create mass consciousness.
This is a very special event you won't want to miss!

 Ignition of Support Systems of Creation

Enlightened powers of Creation were ignited through hundreds of powerful Creators simultaneously. We use the great forces we generated together to support enlightened creation in each and every experience in our world. Listen to the recording of the event and receive these powerful creation energies.

Recorded October 24, 2009 ~ Free Global Teleconference Event: 1 hour

  Global Enlightenment Ignitions

1000 powerful Creators around the world ignited with QuanYin in simultaneous enlightenment on three separate occasions the summer of 2009. Click below to hear recordings of these events and receive the energies.

Join our email list to receive announcements of our upcoming Global Teleconference Ignitions.

August 29, 2009 Global Ignition of Enlightened Connection Teleconference: 1 hour

July 25, 2009 Global Ignition of Enlightened Celebration Teleconference: 1 hour

June 27, 2009 Global Ignition of Enlightened Creation Teleconference: 1 hour

Special Radio Interviews

"Enlightening your Experience"
QuanYin and Laura join
Wilhelmina McKittrick on Utopia Radio
Recorded June 1, 2009 approximate time - 1 hour

"Creating our New World"
QuanYin and Laura join Iris Jackson on BBS radio
Recorded October 6, 2008 approximate time - 1 hour

"Personal Awakening"
QuanYin and Laura join
Wilhelmina McKittrick on Utopia Radio
Recorded July 2, 2008 approximate time - 1 hour

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